Professional makeup brush set manufacturer


I love having LOTS of brushes at my disposal, so for me, affordable makeup brushes are the way to go! But all makeup brushes are not created — or priced — equally.

For face makeup brushes, here are a few that have earned my gold star sticker of approval.


1Large Powder Brush 


The Large Powder Brush is one of the softest natural hair brushes I own. In fact, none of my higher-end brushes can apply bronzer as well as this one.

I like this full rounded brush because I can really work powder into my skin with it. Unfortunately, the set I got it with has been discontinued…and I also didn’t love any of the other brushes in the set. Still, I would re-buy the set just for this one brush.

2. Blusher rush 


Another blush brush is one of the softest natural goat hair. it’s so soft! It’s cheek contour or right on top of the cheek as well.

This one is a little bit pricier than my other brush recommendations, but I think the wooden handle hold up very well over time.

3. Contour Brush


This brush fell into my life after a recommendation  I think she uses it for a targeted highlighter application, but I love it for setting the under-eye area, although the tapered tip is handy for a lot of other uses as well. It’s probably one of the most unique brushes in my collection.


4. Retractable brush


A synthetic rounded kabuki-style brush, the MUA Pro Multipurpose brush is my current favorite foundation brush. For comparison, it’s a little denser than the Real Techniques Buffing Brush.

I’ve had brushes that were too dense, but this one sits right in the middle, which makes it great!

5. EcoTools Bamboo Powder Brush 



This is THE brush for setting powder. With long, tapered hairs that apply the perfect amount of powder, it’s also great for blending away excess product without disturbing your makeup. I lay it on its flat side and set my liquids with a patting motion.

If you have any affordable (or expensive) brushes that you love more than words, I’d love to hear about them!