Professional makeup brush set manufacturer

Logo printing ways of makeup brush

Pad Printing

This kind of printing mode applies to wooden handle,the color can be which color you like.

Advantage : Economical


Screen Printing

This type of printing is suitable for printing of the cannular handle,such as tube of kabuki brush ,

retractable powder brush ,and the brush have tube or cap,the color can be which color you like. 

Economical and Practical.


Hot Stamp Printing

This type of printing way is suitable for different kinds of material,the wood handle ,bamboo handle ,

plastic handle and so on. The color of the logo can be gold,silver and so on. 

Advantage : Attractive and durable , not easy to be abraded, last long


Oxidize printing

Oxidize printing is suitable for the metal material ,the color the be gold,silver and so on, 

Advantage : High texture, can't be abraded, last long

Disadvanctage : More expensive