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MSQ 8Piece Makeup Brush Set

Hey there lovelies!!!! I hope this blog finds you all glowing and gorgeous!!! Today I will be writing a review on a set of brushes that is sold right here 

I used the MSQ 8pcs pink rose gold makeup brush. When the brushes on my hand, I immediately noticed how soft and fluffy they were. Even after shipping they still had a good shape and came in the pink cylinder . and the wooden handle handles are everything. Ok, so they look nice, feel nice, but how well do they work? I am an professional makeup artist. , and especially when it comes to my brushes. Usually when things are priced super low, I’m leery of the quality. I had a fashion show coming up, so I decided I would run them through a full test; 21 models, cleaning, drying and using the same brushes for an entire day.


If you notice in the picture, this set has everything you need for a full face. It has a powder brush, blush brush, foundation brush, highlight brush.eye shadow brush, lip brush. Mascara brush. Eyebrow brush which is amazing for blending cream foundations, and a flat top kabuki brush which does wonders for blending powders and bronzers, also a blush brush. Everything!!!!

So, at the fashion show I totally had a make up for years. One of the (new) artists on my team had done one of the models make up. It was beautiful, however, it failed the flash test. OMG I was mortified!!!! Banana powder everywhere!!! So after a second, I thought, let me try all brushes. The result was amazing, better yet, I’ll show you:



UNBELIEVABLE!!!! RIGHT???!!!!! At the risk of sounding extremely lame, I have to say that My Make Up Brush Set brushes totally saved the show!!!! True story.


You can order it from this website:         That’s gonna do it for me ladies. Thank you so much for reading. I’m so excited to share my pix with you from the show. Most of the images were taken by an amazing MSQ professional photographer.